Slot Trenching with Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavating allows digging the trench to specifications. This minimizes the costs for backfill, concrete encasement, and asphalt patching. It also allows projects to be started and completed faster and keeps cost down.

The purpose of slot trenching is to dig narrow trenches needed for installing pipes, cables, signs, posts and other utilities underground. Hydro excavation allows accurate and precise digging that provide the perfect narrow trenches needed during slot trenching. PowerVac completes slot trenching with hydro excavation, helping you complete projects fast and with precision.

Previous slot trenching methods can be dangerous and time consuming. They used mechanical and manual ways to dig which can be hard on laborers. Mechanical methods take more time and can pose certain safety risks. Also, conventional slot trenching methods can’t dig the trench narrow enough for slot trenching. Backfilling is required to fill in the broken up soil after installation is complete. This increases the costs of labor and material. Hydro Excavation offers a way to get the job done without these issues.

With conventional digging methods there is a risk of damaging the pipes or removing more dirt than is necessary. This results in additional costs and additional time to get the excavation finished. Traditional methods also pose more safety risks because of the heavy equipment and hard labor that is used. Hydro excavation reduces the risks involved in an excavation job.

Hydro excavation is able to dig very thin, very accurate trenches that need a minimum amount of backfilling. This is perfect for slot trenching and allows the job to be completed faster and more accurately.

The technology of hydro excavation provides an accurate and non-mechanical way of digging. The pressurized water does all the work, so the process is not labor intensive. There is no heavy equipment used, so the safety risks to laborers or nearby people is eliminated. Hydro excavation gets the job done fast.