Remote Digging Using Hydro Excavation

Remote digging is required for many different jobs. Pipelines, sewers and underground utilities are installed and kept up using hydro excavation. Posts, signs and sprinklers are also installed using similar digging methods. PowerVac of Michigan completes remote digging using hydro excavation because it offers an accurate and efficient way to complete projects.

Excavation can be difficult in remote areas such as narrow streets, roads or wilderness areas. Heavy equipment like a backhoe is hard to move to the excavation site. Large machinery may damage the surrounding area, causing costly repairs. It’s important that the residents surrounding the area are taken into consideration during any excavation job. Congestion and traffic are often the main concerns.

Hydro Excavation is Ideal for Remote Diging

Hydro excavation is the perfect method for digging in remote areas for utility repairs or installations. The debris truck can be located away from the actual site to make sure that no damage is done to the environment.

Heavy equipment can block narrow streets in urban areas and cause traffic jams and inconveniences to residents. Hydro Excavation eliminates the Traffic and congestion created using large tractors and backhoes. Disturbances are minimized and the job can be completed in a timely manner.