Piling Hole Excavation Using Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation is the best choice for piling hole excavation because it is a non-destructive process. It eliminates the risk of damage to buried cables and pipes. It’s also faster and does less damage to the surrounding area than mechanical excavation methods. Restoration time is minimized, reducing the total expense. Piling hole excavation using hydro excavation is a great option because this method is extremely accurate and efficient.

Installation holes are needed for poles, signs, posts, fences, and more. The holes needed are of varying diameters and depths. These holes serve as foundations to support the structure that will be installed. It is important that the holes are the correct size and depth in order to create a solid support system for the structure. Hydro excavation allows contractors to create accurate holes of any size and depth.

Piling Hole Excavation Completed Fast

Conventional piling hole excavation methods require the use of a backhoe. A backhoe excavates soil by using a digging bucket on a large tractor. The digging bucket does not dig precise holes and generally removes more soil than necessary. Because the digging bucket removes more soil than required, using a backhoe requires backfilling to fill in the extra space.

The added labor for backfilling adds time and cost to your project. Hydro excavation eliminates the need for backfilling because holes can be made to precisely to a specific size and depth.

Many contractors choose manual digging methods when creating piling holes. Manual digging is when laborers dig through soil with a shovel or post hole digger. Digging manually is time consuming because it does not use any kind of machinery to speed up the process. Because of the intense work required for manually digging, it can result in higher labor costs. Manual digging is a bit more precise than a backhoe but it can still damage surrounding soil and underground equipment and utilities.

Hydro excavation gets piling holes completed fast, and results in more accurate holes as well.