LED Retrofits and Upgrades in Michigan

LED Retrofits and Upgrades in Michigan

What to Know Before Starting an LED Conversion or Retrofit

It’s important to consider updated lighting options that will hold value over time. Lighting upgrades can increase the value of your commercial property and help keep costs down. An LED retrofit can help you decrease costs associated with maintenance and conserve energy.

The lighting setup in any commercial property, regardless to its size, can have significant impacts on a lot of factors.

LED Retrofit: General Tips, Lessons Learned, and Avoiding Problems

Any lighting project has three primary aspects to consider:

  • Energy Reduction
  • Maintenance Cost Reduction
  • Lighting Performance

These core aspects needs to be addressed in order for the project to develop properly. We’ll start by gaining a baseline understanding of your existing lighting conditions. ServicePro offers you a comprehensive scope of work that addresses your unique energy, maintenance, and performance objectives. We keep your budget and time frame in mind to make sure your project is a complete success.

Our technicians have a wealth of experience in LED conversions or retrofitting and make sure you fully understand all of your lighting options.

Helpful Hints for Completing an LED Conversion:

We work with you to develop a project based on desired outcomes. If energy costs are your biggest concern, you may want the most energy efficient product. If maintenance costs are your biggest concern, you can go with the longer warranty and rated life. Every project is unique, so working with a professional company makes choosing the right projects for you easy.