Sanitary Sewers

Sanitary sewer systems carry all the waste from your property to the city sewer system. Typically, this pipe runs from inside a structure and ties into the municipal sewers at a point under the nearest street. Mainline backups are often attributed to grease buildup, root growth or pipe disintegration. We can use a video inspection technique to determine the cause and location of the backup. Once we know exactly what the issue is we can clear it using commercial grade cabling machines for root cutting or high pressure jetting for grease removal. If a section of your mainline needs replacement, we can provide pricing.


Sanitary and storm systems that are surrounded by many trees may be more prone to root intrusion. If there is the slightest leak in the sewer main or joint of the line, the tree roots will break through into the sewer. Once the tree roots have setup in the sewer main, waste begins to collect in the roots causing a blockage. If left unchecked, the roots will completely filled the line. To eliminate this issue, a high pressured root cutting jet head is used to remove the roots and clean the line. This process is then followed up by a robotic camera inspection to insure the invasive tree roots have been removed and the flow has been properly restored.

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