LED Lighting Retrofits for Hotels and Retail Stores

Your lighting system has a direct impact on the bottom line. Service Pro knows that your lighting costs can account for a significant amount of your operating costs. Hotels and retails stores face the added pressure of keeping a well-lit and safe atmosphere around the clock. Service Pro specializes in LED lighting retrofits for hotels and retail stores throughout in Michigan and guarantees to give you the best possible lighting system for your facility.

Service pro is an experienced lighting contractor with years of experience dealing with the challenges involved with lighting systems for motels, resorts, casinos, restaurants, and retail centers throughout Michigan. We understand the special lighting requirements that are found in these industries, and its much more complicated than simply picking the cheapest lamps or the products with the greatest energy savings.

As the first step in your retrofit project, we will carefully evaluate your lighting needs. We will then design a retrofit plan for your facility that will meet all of your needs while keeping your bottom line and energy savings in mind. No commercial lighting company in Michigan has more experience than Service Pro, and we pride ourselves on providing you with high quality service while also giving you the customer care you need.

Our team of engineers can customize a lighting solution that is tailored to every hotel or commercial space. We can custom engineer a solution that focuses on your 24 X 7 lights or we can offer a comprehensive solution for every light in the building. With Service Pro as your partner, you don’t have to choose between lighting quality and energy savings! You can have both! Call us today and speak directly with an expert to get your retrofitting appointment scheduled.