LED Lighting Retrofits for Parking Lots and Garages

Service Pro installs lighting for parking lots and parking garages for commercial buildings throughout Michigan. Parking lots and garages are perfect for energy efficient commercial LED lighting retrofits or new updated lighting fixtures. If you’re still using HID lighting, you may be wasting money with these old lighting technologies.  New energy efficient commercial LED lights can significantly reduce energy consumption. LED lights also last up to ten times longer than older lighting systems. Service Pro can install the LED lighting retrofits for parking lots and garages that can help you save money year after year.

Our trained technicians can install LED energy efficient lighting retrofits or new poles and fixtures if you’re looking to update your lighting system. Parking lots, exterior building perimeter lights, and parking garages are some of the best opportunities for LED energy efficient lighting retrofits or new poles and fixtures.

As a commercial lighting contractors, Service Pro can help you start saving money month after month with new energy efficient lighting systems.

Saving Energy to Minimize Cost

Take advantage of LED fixtures to reduce energy consumption. An LED’s lifespan is five to ten times that of an HID lamp. You will save energy and maintenance dollars and your lot or garage will be remain brighter and safer, longer.  Service Pro can install retrofits that deliver big energy savings right away along with significant long-term maintenance savings.

Improve the Quality of Lighting in Your Lot or Garage

We will ensure each area of your facility is matched with appropriate illumination. The LED fixtures we use are designed specifically for each application and provide the best lighting. When the project is complete your site will be brighter, and more importantly, safer.

Contact Service Pro of Michigan today to set up your appointment. We guarantee to give high quality service and help you develop the perfect lighting project for your parking lot or parking garage.