Hydro Excavation is a Safe Way to Expose Utilities

The hydro excavation process allows excavation and digging to be done without disturbing the surrounding soil and underground utilities. There will be no problem even when the ground is frozen. The heater that is installed in the hydro excavation equipment can remove even frozen soil efficiently. PowerVac knows hydro excavation is a safe way to expose utilities, and our experts are ready to complete your project today.

It also eliminates unnecessary traffic congestion and it provides a cleaner excavation site. Moreover, hydro excavation is cost effective. It reduces the unnecessary costs that may be spent if the manual or mechanical excavating method is used. These advantages have made hydro excavation the preferred method for exposing utilities.

Hydro Excavation is an Efficient Way to Expose Underground Utilities

After pressurized water breaks up soil covering utilities, a debris hoseĀ  transfers the soil to the debris tank nearby. This process is completely non-destructive, and hydro excavation reduces the risk of damaging the underground pipes and cables. Using hydro excavation, the type, depth, and location of the utility is established accurately.

This method provides for a clean, speedy and thorough evacuation of the area that needs to be exposed. It requires less restoration, less backfill, less labor force, and no negative environmental effects like typical digging processes. Accuracy is a huge plus and is achieved because of the controlled flow of the water stream. Hydro excavation only removes the necessary quantity of soil for examination and reparation of any problems in the utility lines.