Hydro Excavation for Potholing and Daylighting

Potholing or daylighting is a term used to describe the practice of digging a test hole in soil in order to expose underground utilities. This is to check those facilities for cracks, leaks or any kind of damage. Industrial, commercial and residential communities need to “daylight” their facilities from time to time for proper maintenance of underground pipes and sewers. Hydro excavation can save labor, time, and money when daylighting.

Since contractors need to determine the horizontal and vertical locations to avoid damage, this practice was traditionally completed with either a backhoe or hand digging. Using a backhoe can be dangerous and hand digging is very labor intensive and takes a lot of time. Hydro excavation is now the preferred method for potholing or daylighting for many contractors.

Benefits of Choosing Hydro Excavation for Potholing and Daylighting:

  • Non-Distructive Way to Dig
  • No Hand Digging or Backfilling Needed
  • Saves on Labor Time
  • Lowers Costs

PowerVac’s provides fast and effective hydro excavation for potholing and daylighting. The hydro excavators have a combination of water pressure and powerful vacuums in a self-contained mobile unit. Our contractors use a handheld wand that squirts pressurized water to safely break up soil. The wet and broken up soil becomes a slurry that is vacuumed from the excavation through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank.