Hydro Excavation is Ideal for Remote Digging

Hydro excavation is a method that avoids disturbances to the surround area and residents. Hydro excavation uses highly pressurized water to break up soil while keeping the large debris at a nearby location. This allows for less congestion while still getting the job done fast. Hydro excavation is ideal for remote digging, allowing projects and installations to be complete in a timely manner.

Hydro excavation is not destructive and does not involve any heavy machinery to move dirt. This has made it the preferred option for remote digging. Traditional digging in remote areas is very inconvenient. The heavy and large equipment used with conventional methods is too large to get to remote locations. A large tractor and backhoe can’t travel down narrow roads and streets.

Remote Digging Completed Fast with Hydro Excavation

Manual digging was the preferred option for remote locations in the past. Manual digging requires a lot of time and expensive labor. Having laborers use a shovel to dig deep holes is very time consuming. Because it is so labor intensive, it can often cost more. Remote locations may require higher labor costs.

PowerVac’s hydro excavation services eliminate the problems involved in digging in remote areas. The debris truck can be placed far from the actual excavation site. This makes it perfect for digging in remote areas. Hydro excavation can cost less and labor is limited. Hydro excavation is accurate and efficient, allowing repairs and installations to be completed fast.