Hydro Excavation for Debris Removal

Hydro excavation is ideal for removing debris. PowerVac can quickly clean out a variety of structures without causing damage to the surrounding area. Hydro excavation is precise and non-destructive, so it keeps costs down during big projects. Hydro excavation is the perfect solution for fast and accurate catch basin cleaning, sludge removal, and cleaning spills.

Hydro excavation is very precise and isn’t harmful to the environment. There are no harsh chemicals or heavy machinery involved, so this keeps labor and destruction to a minimum. If you need a large amount of debris removed, hydro excavation is a great way to go.

PowerVac’s hydro excavators remove debris using a unique combination of water pressure and vacuums. The trucks are self contained and an all in one mobile unit that can easily be on site anywhere fast. Water is pressurized and injected into the area containing the debris through a handheld wand. This creates a slurry of soil and water that is excavation through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank.

Hydro excavation is perfect for debris removal during landscaping and construction. This clean process is best for sites where grinding or burning is not an option to get rid of debris. PowerVac provides debris removal services for large construction and demolition sites. Our technicians also complete debris removal when a large amount of debris removal accumulate or when concrete and asphalt need to be hauled away.

Hydro excavation removes debris without causing any hard to the surrounding area. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals so it does not contribute to the hazards present at a construction site. Many contractors look to PowerVac for debris removal services because the process is completely environmental friendly compared to traditional methods.