CSD-1 Boiler Testing in Michigan

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The State of Michigan has instituted new rules regarding the installation, maintenance and testing of control and safety devices on automatically fired boilers used in commercial and industrial settings. Service Pro makes it easy to get your CSD-1 Boiler Testing in Michigan completed on time every year. It’s easy to schedule your appointment with our qualified experts. Just call Service Pro today and we can make sure we are on-site on time and completely prepared to complete your annual testing. Our friendly and highly trianed professionals will answer any questions you have and make sure to carefully plan and manage every testing completed.

State of Michigan Rule R408.4027 (rule 27) of the Boiler Code, adopts the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) standard CSD-1.  CSD-1 requires boiler owners to establish maintenance and test schedules for their boilers.  Rule 27 specifically requires that controls and safety devices be tested annually by an individual in possession of a valid mechanical contractor license with appropriate classification.

What does this mean for your commercial business?

If your building has a boiler, it needs to be tested every year by a state licensed contractor.  The contractor must test and document the boiler controls and safety devices and then provide a copy of this document to you. The inspection form must also be posted near the boiler. Service Pro has completed hundreds of CSD-1 Testing and has it down to a science. Our experienced technicians will complete their testing and give you all the proper documentation you need for your commercial building. We make it easy to get your CSD-1 Testing done every year, without any hassle.

CSD-1 Testing Done Fast

Call Service Pro today to schedule your annual CSD1 testing of your boiler. It is important to plan for this each year, so call us today to set up your regular visit. We are happy to work around your schedule and complete testing when convenient for you.  We guarantee provide you with the professional CSD-1 Testing you need while also giving you outstanding customer service. Call today and discover why Service Pro is trusted by commercial owners throughout the state of Michigan.