Storm Drains


The sole function of a storm catch basin or storm drain is to collect rainwater from properties and streets and transport it to local waterways through a system of underground piping. Storm catch basins can be found along the curb of a parking lot or road or within a parking lot.

Catch basins play a vital role in maintaining the safety and health of a facility. When a catch basin is not properly cleaned and maintained, it can lead to many future and costly problems such as backups and flooding. Continuous flooding from a catch basin within your property can cause damage to your parking lots and your facility itself. In addition to the visible issues, an overflow of material in the basin can cause problems within the underground piping. An abundance of this material settling in the pipes will eventually cause separations in the joints which in time, can lead to collapsed sewer line.

To prevent these issues, a visual inspection should be performed twice a year. Once in autumn, after the leaves have fallen; and in the spring, after all snow has melt and road debris has been cleared.

The frequency of your catch basin maintenance and cleaning will depend on the depth of the basin and how much material is collected within the basin. For instance, if your property is surrounded by several trees, it may be necessary to have your catch basins cleaned every fall season. Our certified and trained technicians specialized at servicing flooded catch basins at all types of commercial and industrial properties.


Over time, the minerals flowing through your sewer system deposit themselves within your pipes, restricting drain flow and eventually causing a complete blockage. More often than not, these blockages are due to calcium deposits. Other times, these blockages could be attributed to excess concrete from a new construction site that has been dumped into a catch basin which can either solidify in the basin or flow down the system and harden within the pipe.

Both circumstances require high pressure water blasting to remove the blockages. Our process includes the use of a 10,000 psi water blaster and a robotic sewer camera to ensure the deposits are completely removed and guarantee proper flow. Once the job is complete, our customers receive their own copy of the televised line, giving you the peace of mind knowing your sewer system is clean and flowing properly.