Blockages occur as a result of grease buildup or foreign objects lodging in sewage lines and restricting or prohibiting proper water flow. An obstruction can affect each of your residential or commercial plumbing fixtures in various ways, the following list exhibits symptoms associated with line blockages for the most common fixtures.

Showers & Bathtubs

Water should drain immediately while a shower is running and in within a few minutes after a bath. If the tub is draining slowly; the trap and drainpipe may be clogged with soap and hair.

Kitchen Drains

Grease, soap and food waste can build up in the drains lines of your commercial or residential property, making your kitchen drains clog and run slowly over time. These particulates often buildup in the p-traps, disposals, grease traps and stacks tied to kitchen drains. While drain cleaners or plungers may work to remove some of the blockage, a drain snake or auger is an effective tool which a licensed plumber will use to thoroughly clean the lines which discharge kitchen waste.

Bathroom Sink Drains

Slow draining and clogs are often a result of toothpaste, soap and grime.

Toilet Drains

A clogged toilet is often caused by attempting to flush facial tissue, baby wipes or other products that don’t disintegrate the way toilet paper does. Clogs are a common toilet repair issue, which, after a flush, result in the dreaded overflow. Clogs can often be addressed with a plunger, however, in the case of severe obstructions the toilet may need to be pulled exposing the flange. Our plumbers can then use a snake to clear the line and then reset the toilet.

Floor Drains

Basements, laundry rooms, garages, patios, driveways and often have a drain to carry away water and prevent flooding. Usually they are equipped with a trap that should be filled with water to prevent odors and sewer gas from escaping. Backups in floor drains can lead to Flood conditions, unpleasant odors, or water pooling around the drain when it hasn’t been used in hours.

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