Commercial and Retail HVAC Services

Commercial and Retail HVAC Services - Michigan

Get a commercial HVAC contractor that serves as your trusted partner year after year. We know the how important reliable and efficient heating and cooling is for your business. ServicePro provides a full range of commercial HVAC services including installation, retrofitting, repairs, and proactive maintenance.

We have built a strong reputation as a leader in the industry, serving clients throughout Michigan. Our technicians are highly trained and use only the most advanced technology available. We’ll help you enjoy lower energy costs, consistent comfort, and better air quality.

Commercial Heating in Michigan

Your Michigan business can choose from traditional furnaces and a variety of other efficient heating systems including ductless split systems and packaged rooftop units. ServicePro is an experienced commercial HVAC contractor and we can help you select the perfect system for your business.

Commercial Air Conditioning in Michigan

If you’re spending too much on air conditioning, a smarter system can greatly reduce costs. Get the commercial air conditioning solution for your retail business, hotel, office, warehouse, or industrial facility. Your business needs high-efficiency air condition to handle the heat, so finding the right fit for your building is a must. ServicePro has the professional service and skilled expertise to keep you cool during the summer months.

Commercial HVAC Installation in Michigan

Proper installation is essential to the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system. You can trust ServicePro to do things right from the start, expertly installing your HVAC system so ensure superior performance.

We work with you to determine the heating and cooling needs of your business. We’ll explain your options and then implement the entire system with data-based information that ensures the greatest efficiency and comfort. It’s our goal to provide the best HVAC system for your comfort, air quality, and long-term operating costs.

Commercial HVAC Repair in Michigan

ServicePro understands what it really takes to keep your heating and cooling equipment running properly. We also know the real-world function that your business needs. We provide emergency repairs and energy optimization to ensure your complete satisfaction.

ServicePro provides the fast and friendly repairs service when you need it most. Our scheduled maintenance packages make repairs and energy-saving upgrades. Our expert technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to make sure your HVAC system meets and exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose ServicePro?

ServicePro is here to change the way the air conditioning and heating industry does business in Michigan. We’ve listened to what our customers needs and have invested in providing sustainable commercial air conditioning service and maintenance with a value you can measure. Our predictive maintenance is the best in the business. We can provide real time information to your office so you know the work is being done on time and correctly. We guarantee that your air conditioning will be as energy efficient as possible.

ServicePro strives to give exceptional service to every customer. We can tell you the current energy efficiency of your air conditioning or heating unit and show you where you can cut costs while still keeping your business at the optimal temperature. This information allows our technicians to accurately diagnose and repair your air conditioning or heating unit.

ServicePro has eliminated the old HVAC service repair tools and invoicing practices. Our technicians use electronic handhelds that provide unit history and inventory management. We are leading the industry in technology, making our new processes a market changing advantage.

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