Commercial HVAC Maintenance in Michigan

Commercial HVAC Maintenance - Michigan

Don’t let your business be affected by a major HVAC problem! If your heating and cooling costs seem too high or you are just looking to avoid costly repairs in the future, regular maintenance of commercial HVAC systems is the way to go. It’s ServicePro’s job to ensure that your commercial HVAC system is performing at its best and running as efficiently as possible.

ServicePro’s licensed and trained HVAC technicians provide comprehensive diagnostics and analysis as part of our advanced maintenance packages for your business. We take care of all the important details, and tun up your system to improve performance. We’ll find ways that your company can improve its bottom line and optimize your HVAC system.

The PowerVac of Michigan Difference

Not all commercial HVAC maintenance programs are created equal. At ServicePro, let us reduce your compressor replacement and energy costs now and in the future.

Commercial HVAC preventative maintenance programs are only as good as the technicians performing the work, and our technicians are experienced, qualified, and professional. With the new technologies available, the standard in commercial HVAC maintenance is predictive maintenance. We can measure how well your equipment is running and how much energy is being wasted on poor performing air conditioners.

When our commercial HVAC preventative maintenance is complete, notifications are sent out automatically notifying managers and customers of equipment needing attention. Before and after reports are generated showing the energy and compressor savings obtained through the service. This will provide tangible proof to you as a customer, to see how your equipment has improved. Take advantage of these new technologies and save time and money.

This level of transparency is rare in the HVAC industry. Many other commercial heating and cooling companies offer preventative maintenance programs for commercial HVAC systems, but how do you know you’re getting what you’re paying for? In many cases, you don’t. You won’t need to analyze your energy bills, and we can show you exactly how much energy you’re saving. At ServicePro, our innovative and tech oriented approach provides you with tangible, easy to digest information proving the efficacy of our commercial HVAC preventative maintenance service.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance for Commercial HVAC

Routine maintenance can bring incredible value to your business. Regular maintenance can reduce energy costs, improve indoor air quality, and prevent serious repairs. Regular tune-ups and inspections enhance your operating efficiency while also mitigating risk. Seasonal HVAC maintenance is a must for commercial properties because your building puts your HVAC system through a lot of stress.

ServicePro provides a full scope of maintenance tasks ranging from regular cleaning and parts replacements to technologically advanced diagnostics.

Services included in our commercial HVAC maintenance packages:

  • Performance Evaluation Computer (PEC) diagnostics to measure and analyze your system’s efficiency and performance
  • Testing and correcting air flow and fan controls to make sure the system is delivering conditioned air with maximum efficiency and consistency
  • Calibrating thermostat settings and controls so you get the results you expect
  • Replacing or cleaning air filters to improve indoor air quality and efficiency
  • Checking rooftop and external units for leaks, debris, damage, weathering
  • Testing and adjusting critical performance including condensers, heat pumps, condensate drains, and refrigerant charging
  • Tightening electrical connections to fix parts failures and prevent fire hazards

Commercial HVAC Maintenance Service in Metro Detroit Michigan

Your commercial HVAC system needs proper maintenance to perform at its best. Our experts know how to perform the basic tun-up processes and we use our advanced diagnostics to look for energy problems that may be costing you money and comfort now and in the future.

Our Michigan owned company provides exceptional HVAC service to business throughout the state, and we know the wide variety of systems. We focus on energy efficiency and reliability in order to give you the best system for your business. You’ll know your HVAC system is running the way it should be.

Schedule Commercial HVAC Preventative Maintenance Services in Michigan

Make sure your commercial HVAC system is running strong and efficiently all summer long with our preventative maintenance services. Our technicians will assess the critical components of your heating and cooling system and make the repairs and tweaks when necessary. Keep things running as efficiently as possible and reduce your energy bills and decrease any serious breakdowns during the summer months.

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