Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial Heating Repair - Michigan

ServicePro provides Michigan with superior commercial heating repair service. Our reputation for outstanding customer service and high quality work makes us the go-to commercial heating repair service for many Michigan businesses.

If you think your commercial heating system might not be functioning properly we highly recommend that you schedule an appointment with us. We will come inspect your heating system to ensure that it is working properly and efficiently as well as make any necessary repairs. Even the smallest problems should be repaired immediately to avoid further issues from developing.

Signs You May Need Commercial Heating Repair

There are a number of tell-tale signs to indicate that you may need heating repair services, including:

  • Your heating system is making strange sounds – Is your heating system making odd noises when it is on? Some sounds aren’t out of the ordinary, but if you’re hearing grinding, hissing or gurgling noises, then there’s a chance that there is a problem. It’s often a simple repair when problems first begin, so scheduling an appointment is a great idea.
  • Your heating system is having trouble producing heat – If your heating system isn’t doing a good job heating your property, or it’s providing no heat at all, then you definitely need it checked out by a professional. There are a number of different things that could be causing this issue, from piping system issues, air duct issues, or burner issues.
  • Your heating system is cycling on and off constantly – A commercial heating system will typically run more when the temperature begins to drop. However, it shouldn’t be turning itself on and off sparatically. If it’s cycling on and off constantly, then it could be because the system is overheating. When a heating system overheats, it will shut off automatically, which is why it may keeping turning on and off.
  • You are paying for high heating bills – The cost of heating your property depends a lot on the size of your property. However, if you notice a big spike in your heating bills from one month to another, it means that your heating system is no longer running efficiently and should be inspected.

Schedule a Commercial Heating Repair Diagnostic Today

These are a few of the signs that there’s a problem with your heating system to look out for. To schedule a commercial heating repair appointment, call ServicePro of Michigan.