Commercial Furnace Maintenance in Michigan

Low heating bills are the name of the game.

As the owner of a commercial property, you know the importance of commercial furnace maintenance in Michigan. Proper commercial furnace maintenance in Michigan helps ensure your Commercial HVAC system will operate efficiently and safely – protecting your company and customers. The team here at Service Pro can help you accomplish these goals by forming a strategic partnership to maintain your commercial furnace and HVAC Systems.

Commercial Furnace Maintenance Tips

Check out Serice Pro’s list of important maintenance tips for your Commercial Furnace System in Michigan:

  1. Keep your furnace filters clean. Check your filters once a month to ensure they are clean. Filters need to be changed every 3 months. Permanent filters should be cleaned at least every month. Maintaining clean furnace filters can also help keep monthly operating costs down.
  2. Use a programmable thermostat. Control energy costs while maintaining a comfortable business environment.
  3. Be safe. Turn off electrical power or fuel supply when performing commercial furnace maintenance.  If you notice damaged connections or smell gas, contact a professional immediately.

Annual commercial furnace maintenance

Contact Service Pro today to set up a commercial furnace maintenance program for your company. Our programs help ensure your furnace will operate efficiently and safely through the cold winter months in Michigan.

Service pros maintenance programs include:

  1. Professional Cleaning
  2. Complete Safety Check
  3. Furnace Control Adjustments

Service Pro’s annual maintenance program helps prevent:

  1. Fires from soot build-up
  2. Low oxygen levels resulting from insufficient air supply
  3. Carbon monoxide build-up due to improperly ventilated duct work or dirt build up
Commercial furnace replacement in Michigan

Call Service Pro today! Is it time to replace your commercial furnace? Or are cold Michigan temperature slowing down your business? It may be time to replace your aging commercial furnace. Service Pro of Michigan can help you choose the right commercial furnace for your business’ needs.