Maintenance, Certification and Testing

Technical Maintenance Plans

Get the residential or commercial boiler maintenance you need from the qualified experts from Service Pro of Michigan. Our highly trained technicians will complete any boiler maintenance, certification, and testing you need when you need it the most. We also provide certifications, inspections, and maintenance packages to help protect your investment and keep it running at its best.

Call Service Pro of Michigan today to learn more about what we can do for you. You can speak directly with an expert about your needs and how we can help you develop a maintenance program that will work best for your situation. Our professional mechanical contractors guarantee you quality service and outstanding customer support during any project. Any service requested will be carefully planned and managed from start to finish, and we are always here to answer questions you have.

Recommended Heating and Cooling Inspections

Our technicians have a comprehensive list of what needs to be inspected during each season. Because Michigan seasons have drastic changes in weather in Michigan, every season requires a different set of specifications. If you have any concerns, you can speak directly to an expert today. They will make sure that the technician that is on site with you makes all the necessary checks to keep your equipment running at its best.

Checks Completed During Heating Season:

  1. Carbon Monoxide Test.
  2. Clean ignition assembly
  3. Check hot water heater
  4. Check flue draft and/ or inducer motor
  5. Oil inducer and blower motor
  6. Check burner
  7. Measure volt amps on all motors
  8. Check & tighten electrical connections
  9. Check blower, lubricate if necessary
  10. Test safety controls
  11. Check thermostat
  12. Check humidifier
  13. Check filters and or electronic air cleaner
  14. Clean flame sensor
  15. Check heat exchanger for carbon monoxide
  16. Start and check all equipment
  17. Check operation of carbon monoxide detector
  18. Check pilot assemblies
  19. Check condensate drain
  20. Change standard air filter*
  21. Change humidifier pad

Boiler Checks:

  1. All Controls
  2. Low water cut off
  3. Safeties
  4. Lubricate pump
  5. Check sight glass

Cooling Season:

  1. Check operating pressures
  2. Check for leaks
  3. Clean condenser coil
  4. Oil motors
  5. Check evaporator coil for proper drainage
  6. Check condensate pump
  7. Check Filter
  8. Check amp draw of unit
  9. Check belt on blower
  10. Check if unit is level
  11. Check air temperature differential
  12. Shut down humidifier
  13. Check thermostat
  14. Check heat exchange for carbon monoxide leaks

Commercial Boiler CSD-1 Michigan Certification

Service Pro provides CSD-1 boiler testing and certification for commercial boilers. The CSD-1 boiler certification needs to be completed every year for all commercial or industrial boiler systems. We can certify your boiler with the state of Michigan compliance standards and keep your facility up to date with safety and legal maintenance for your facility. Schedule your certification today so our technicians can complete the inspection when convenient for you.