Benefits of Using Hydro Excavation for Potholing and Daylighting

Hydro excavation is a non-destructive process. Buried cables and pipes are kept safe and not damaged during the process. There are many benefits of using hydro excavation for potholing and daylighitng. Hydro excavation allows the location, type, and depth of any underground utilities to be established.

Hydro excavation is faster, more accurate, and less damaging to the surrounding soil than mechanical methods. It minimizes site restoration after the project is completed, saving you time and expense.

No Need for Heavy Machinery or Intense Labor

Traditionally, potholing or daylighting was done using a backhoe or by hand or shovel digging. A backhoe is a heavy piece of equipment that has a digging bucket mounted on a tractor. Conventional methods pose risks of damaging the underground utilities. They also move more dirt than necessary.

The heavy machinery used in traditional methods brings safety risks to contractors and people nearby. A small malfunction with the equipment can cause tragic accidents. Hydro excavation methods have proved to be much safer and easier to complete, helping you save time and money.

Hand digging is very labor intensive and takes a ton of time to complete. It isn’t nearly as accurate as hydro excavation and moves more soil than necessary. This means backfilling would be required after the excavation and more time and money will need to be used for project completion.

The Solution?

The development of hydro excavation eliminates nearly all of the downsides of traditional potholing and daylighting excavation methods. It provides a safe and non-mechanical process that will keep everyone involved secure. It also does a more accurate job to make sure that there will be no additional expenses.