Using Hydro Excavation to Expose Utilities

It’s not uncommon for utility lines to be marked incorrectly and sometimes the location of the utilities is unknown. Hydro excavation is a great method to use in these cases. Traditional methods of excavation like augers or hand digging can cause delays, safely hazards, and service interruptions. Pipes can then safely be installed parallel to or across from existing lines. Hydro excavation makes completing repairs easy and eliminates any safety or service concerns.

PowerVac uses hydro excavation to expose utilities because this process is efficient and extremely safe. Our experts can locate any underground utilities fast, allowing any repairs or installations to be completed on time.

Exposing Utilities Safely Using Hydro Excavation

Hydro excavation removes soil using highly pressurized water. It is completely non-destructive and uses an air vacuum to evacuate the soil in a controlled and efficient manner. The air vacuum safely sucks up the soil and it is then transferred through a tube to a debris tank. It is ideal for exposing utilities because it will never cause damages to underground lines.

Before hydro excavation was used, excavation processes such as hand digging or augers often caused safety, hazards, delays and possibly service interruptions because of damages. Hydro excavation makes pipe installation, existing line repairs, and the installation of new lines easier than ever. It allows for fewer safety and services issues and never leads to permanent damages.