Michigan Certified Commercial Boiler Testing Services

Service Pro provides Southeast Michigan commercial properties with certified CSD-1 testing for commercial boiler configurations. CSD-1 Testing is required annually in the state of Michigan for all commercial boiler applications. We can schedule your testing when convenient for you. All testing services completed by Service Pro are validated by the state of Michigan.

If the Michigan Deptartment of Labor and Economic Growth indicates that your facility utilizes a boiler that is required to be registered with the State of Michigan. Under boiler law and rules you have certain responsibilities to assure the continued safe operation of your commercial boiler. Our technicians have a wealth of experience with certifications and testing services and know exactly how to complete your inspections fast. Call Service Pro today and you can speak directly to an expert that will walk you through the entire process. Call today to get the Michigan certified commercial boiler testing services you need.

Did You Reveive a Notice from the State of Michigan about CSD-1 Testing?


You are receiving this notice because our records indicate that you are the owner/user of a boiler required to be registered with the State of Michigan.  Under boiler law and rules, 1965 PA 290, you have certain responsibilities to assure the continued safe operation of your boiler.  New boiler installation, repair, inspection and testing requirements become effective November 6, 2006 with issuance of rule changes.  Following are some major changes to the rules.

R 408.4024      Adoption: National Board Inspection Code (NBIC)
Repairs to power boilers and high temperature hot water boilers and alterations to any boiler must be conducted by a licensed boiler repairer in possession of a national “R” stamp certificate.  Repairs to low pressure boilers will continue to be conducted by licensed boiler repairers.

R 408.4027      Adoption: ASME code CSD-1
In previous years only boilers between 400,000 btu/hr and 12,500,000 btu/hr input required annual testing of controls and safety devices.  The new rules require testing of all boilers less than 12,500,000 btu/hr input.  The testing must be conducted by a licensed mechanical contractor with appropriate classification pursuant to 1984 PA 192, the Forbes Mechanical Act.

The current rules will remain on the bureau’s web site until the proposed rules become effective.  However the amendments to the rules may be viewed by accessing the web site at www.michigan.gov/bcc, click on the Administrative Rules and Public Acts then on administrative rules to view the boiler rules.