LED Lighting Retrofits for Commercial Offices

Lighting technologies have changed drastically over the recent years. It wasn’t long ago that T-12 and older generation T-8 lamps were considered to be state of the art for fluorescent lighting systems.  Now, you can get improved performance by updating your lighting system in your commercial office. Service Pro can replace outdated and inefficient lighting systems with new LED lamps and electronic ballasts. When you are considering a commercial LED retrofit, call the commercial lighting contractors that Michigan depends on. Service Pro has been efficiently installing LED lighting retrofit for commercial offices throughout Michigan, and we guarantee you the high quality lighting services you need.

Let our experienced contractors perform a thorough energy audit on your current lighting and energy usage and create a retrofitting proposal quote. LED lighting retrofits can incorporate new LED systems that reduce your maintenance costs, improves lighting quality, and most importantly, saves you money.

Our contractors will prepare a customized proposal that shows you how we can provide you with multiple benefits including energy savings, longer lasting lamps, and much more.

LED Lighting Retrofits Offer the Following Benefits:

  • Energy Savings
  • Longer Lasting Lamps
  • Less Maintenance
  • High Quality Lighting
  • Possible Utility Rebates
  • Environmentally Sound

Service Pro services small and large commercial facilities. Call us today and discover why you won’t need to choose between lighting quality and energy savings – you can get both with your new upgraded lighting system!