Hydro Excavation for Slot Trenching

Slot trenching is the process of digging narrow trenches for installing pipes, cables or other in-ground utilities. Hydro excavation provides a non-destructive and efficient and accurate slot trenching even on frozen surfaces. Using pressurized water eliminates the potential for serious and costly damage to surrounding utilities often caused by traditional slot trenchers. Hydro excavation makes sprinkler installation, locating underground utilities, and installations easy and safe to complete.

Hydro excavation is a safer alternative to conventional slot trenching methods. It is ideal for digging trenches through easements and right-of-ways without damaging existing underground utilities.

PowerVac’s uses hydro excavation for slot trenching because it’s fast and accurate. The unique combination of water pressure and vacuuming allows for clean lines that are perfect for slot trenching. The hydro excavation truck is a self-contained mobile unit with hoses to remove broken up soil and deposit it into a nearby debris tank. To complete slot trenching, water is pressurized and injected into the ground through a handheld wand. This water safely washes away soil from the underground area. The broken up soil and water create a slurry that is vacuumed from the excavation through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank.