Hydro Excavation for Piling Hole Excavation

Piling hole excavation is the digging of holes for poles, signs, posts, and more. The size and depth of the holes depend on what is being installed. Hydro excavation is a great method to use for piling hole excavation because it allows for the creation of precise holes of any size and depth.

PowerVac of Michigan uses hydro excavation for piling hole excavation because it is a non-destructive, safe, and accurate process. Traditionally, manual digging was a common method for piling hole excavation. Contractors would use a backhoe to dig into the ground to make the holes needed for installation. However, these out of date methods pose risks to underground utility lines and pipes.

Piling Hole Excavation Done Fast

Hydro excavation’s precision makes it perfect for piling hole excavation. Hydro excavation can quickly create holes of any diameter or depth for all types of pilings. Holes are created fast with no risk of injury. Underground utilities near the site are kept safe and will not be damaged with hydro excavation. Traditional manual digging methods have a much higher risk of damages to underground utilities nearby, and hydro excavation eliminates those risks.

PowerVac uses a unique combination of water pressure and vacuum for piling hole excavation. Contractors use a self-contained mobile unit with a debris tank nearby. Accurate holes are created as water is pressurized and injected into the ground through a handheld wand. A slurry of soil and water is vacuumed from the excavation site through a large debris hose connected to a debris tank. This leaves perfectly sized holes ready for posts, signs, or fences. The surrounding area is kept in tact and underground utilities are left unharmed.