Debris Removal with Hydro Excavation

Backhoes were commonly used in debris removal before hydro excavation was developed. Backhoe’s required heavy machinery with a large digging bucket mounted on a tractor to excavate and haul away debris. The heavy machinery causes stress to the surrounding environment and equipment malfunctions were common, resulting in worker injuries.

The combination of highly pressurized water and a vacuums make hydro excavation the ideal solution for debris removal. PowerVac often clears out large structures and areas with large amounts of debit with minimal damages to the surrounding area. The pressurized water is blasted into the ground through the use of a handheld device. The slurry is then vacuumed from the away from the site by a debris hose and is transferred to a large debris tank.

Using hydro excavation for removing debris minimizes damage to the surrounding area. because of the precision and accuracy it provides. It is a totally non-destructive and non-mechanical process.

Hydro excavation is ideal for digging because it lessens traffic and congestion on the site because the bulk of the equipment can be kept away from the actual work site. This provides more space surrounding the work site and lessens clutter for the work crew.

PowerVac has extensive experience with the hydro excavation process and can give you the professional services you need. If you need debris removal, call PowerVac today and schedule your hydro excavation services.