Manhole Rehab

Manholes consist of multiple components and are made of different materials, each serving a different purpose but contributing to the complete manhole structure. Each component typically has its own set of defects which means each component therefore has specific repair or renewal requirements.

Catch basin failures occur for many different reasons. All of them, though, in some way, display symptoms of the problem on the pavement surface. In order to prevent a costly repair, the problem should be addressed as soon as you see signs of failure. Once the blocks and bricks begin to deteriorate, the main structure is no longer secured. Vehicles driving or parking over the failing structure creates even more stress eventually resulting in the entire top structure collapsing.

The main reasons manholes fail are due to tuck pointing or wash out. This is when the mortar within the joints or the top ring of the basin deteriorates allowing water to enter the structure through the bricks instead of the top grate. Not only does this cause erosion, but during the winter months, the water freezes and expands resulting in the displacement of the blocks and bricks holding the structure together.

In the event where the entire manhole needs to be replaced, a pre-built concrete structure with necessary adjustment rings will be installed and connected to the existing drainage lines.

After the manhole rehabilitation has been completed, the existing cast iron frame and lid will be reinstalled on the new basin and reset at the correct height to ensure proper drainage. The excavated area will then be backfilled, leveled, and compacted. We will then provide either asphalt mix or concrete which will then be poured or rolled to match the existing grade.

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